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DIY Plant Dyed Silk Ribbon Kit

DIY Plant Dyed Silk Ribbon Kit

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Dye your own silk ribbon with flowers. A technique known as bundle dyeing. Try your hand at turning flowers into dye. Hand making a one of a kind, naturally dyed premium silk ribbon.

This DIY craft kit lends itself as a perfect and unique gift. A thoughtful way to give the gift of hand crafting. Even for the ones who say they are not creative. They will love this. This is so easy to do and so rewarding. Unveiling the results never gets old. Even for us.

In the box

2.5metre length of our premium Charmeuse silk ribbon. Pre mordanted. Meaning it has been treated in a solution to help the pigment from the flowers adhere to the fabric while also making it light and colourfast.

4x sachets of dried flowers grown organically in our flower gardens

1x piece of wooden dowel to roll onto

All beautifully presented in our S&S gift box.





Our classic ribbon is a heavy weight 15 momme Habotai silk. These ribbons have a soft, slightly matte luster and luxurious feel.

Charmeuse is our elegant bridal quality satin silk. With a much heavier 19 momme weight. Suede like matte on one side and a lustrous, opulent, smooth shiny front.

Ethereal silk is a lighter 10 momme weight Habotai. It has a whimsical floaty drape that catches the wind gracefully. It is slightly see through with and iridescent sheen.


Our ribbons hold 'living colour'. Each batch is made in the same way, however each ribbon is different. With unique markings and subtle variations. This is the nature of natural dyeing, giving each ribbon its own unique natural charm and beauty.


Our ribbons are bias cut, meaning they are cut on a 45 degree to the grain of fabric. This gives the ribbon an elegant drape and flow, while also ensuring a 'finished' edge. Meaning, they do not fray like hand torn ribbons do. Although over time and use the edges will 'soften'. There is a subtle seam every 1.5-2 metres because of the way the ribbon is constructed.

Care information

Natural dyes are much more complex than synthetic dyes. They can be shifted by substantial changes in PH, temperatures, chemicals and metals. You can wash your ribbon with a PH neutral soap in warm water. Iron on a low setting while damp.

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